As founder of Little Rose Nature School in Watkinsville, GA, I’d like to highly recommend WildRice Adventures. They are masters of their craft, completely dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of their clients experience, and in every way spectacular at what they do. They have a friendly yet commanding presence with kids that makes parents completely confident that their children are paying attention to the rules, learning, AND having a BLAST!
WildRice Adventures very carefully picked a specific tree on our property and very lovingly and respectfully tended to her, naming her, pruning her, and patiently removing the debris trimmed. I personally can feel the love coming from “Ruby” every time I go near her, now. Like any other living being, she is responding to love and attention. The complete and utter joy of the climbers has her beaming.
Here is a recent review from a parent who attended our most recent tree climb with WildRice;
“Ok…. That was the best fun Ever!!! The boys loved it!! Brett asked when is the next field trip?!?! This has made them so secure!! I’ll tell u more later but they both have severe separation anxiety due to being me only caring for them. It’s a big deal to me seeing them both so comfortable.”
I highly recommend WildRice Adventures for fun and education.
Melissa S. – Little Rose Nature School