Cat Rescue

Sometimes a cat will be scared by a predator and in attempts to escape for his/her life, will quickly climb up a tree very high. Getting down is not the same mechanics as getting up and in some cases, a cat will come down on its own. However, a cat often will not come down or will eventually fall from weakness and dehydration. How do you rescue a cat who has climbed 30-80 feet up in the highest reaches of a tree and won’t come down?

Contrary to popular opinion, the fire department will not rescue a cat in a tree. This is where we come into play!

Every cat rescue is very different and quite unpredictable, as cats are all different and you can never be sure how a cat will respond after being stuck in a tree for days. Some docile cats can panic and turn aggressive, others may be placid, others may be too scared to even move; you just never know. So we have to be prepared for anything.

There is a lot more involved in a cat rescue (and it would probably take me about 20 pages to describe it all), but in order to come out to the location where the cat is, there is a $50 charge (can be placed through the website by credit card or visa). The typical cat rescue is $150, but depending on the situation and how long it takes or involved it is, can be $250. It really depends on the rescue.

If you find yourself in need of your cat being rescued, please give us a call or text at 706-804-2551. We know how important a cat is to the family and want to bring him/her down to safety!

You can find videos on our YouTube Channel, such as this: