First Zzz’s in the Tree

August 25 was a typical Georgia summer day: hot, muggy, sunny and green. But this day was different because of this…

phone pic - two treeboats 2

I headed over to Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary, set up two ropes about 80 feet up in the tree, attached two treeboats to the end of my rope and climbed up to where I thought would be the best spot for setting up the treeboats. Now most readers are probably saying, “What is a treeboat?” I suppose the picture tells it all, but it is a hammock specially designed for tree canopy sleeping. In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest inventions known to the outdoor world (thank you New Tribe!). After a lot of sweat and some pretty crazy acrobats (if someone filmed me, I bet it would be pretty amusing to watch), I got the treeboats set up and ready for a night in the tree. Soaked with sweat, I laid down and almost fell asleep right then!

The climb itself started late due to church engagements, but since Becky and I are both experienced climbers, that proved no obstacle to us. We climbed up the tree in the dark, already exhausted from a very busy day. I took a few pictures of Becky climbing from the darkness that surrounded us, chuckling as she bounced from branch to branch.

it's not so easy to climb in the dark

Though the treeboats were only set at 40 feet, it was high enough to be well above the rest of the world. After hauling up the blankets and pillows, I laid back and let some of the sweat evaporate into the still-warm air.

Naa focus with excited Becky ready for bed

We fell asleep to the rhythmic cadence of the cicadas and beaming of the moon.

We both slept in until about 7am, rising to the sound of cows mooing and the sun peeking through the trees, spilling gold around us. Even the dying ivy on the tree next to us was lit up brilliantly in the light. How could something so deadly look so beautiful?

serene morning view is lovelyI breathed in the fresh air. I looked down at Becky, snuggled in her blanket. Sleeping in a tree is way more awesome than sleeping in a tent (and that’s saying a lot, because I love camping). She looked just as refreshed as I felt!

Becky wakes up refreshedOn another note, I am still a mother and I had a baby to get back home to feed… so we quickly broke down our canopy bivouac, took down our ropes and headed down the tree, gazing a final time and the beautiful morning. Now that… that is how every morning ought to be! What a way to welcome the day. I sure love David Henry Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a magical place!

adorable becky with lovely morning glow

Oh, I can’t wait for the next Zzz’s in the trees adventure! Lazarus proved to be a fantastic host. I’m hoping next time to get a bigger crowd and share the adventure!

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