Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to spend appreciating all of the blessings that we have in life. While I’m pretty sure the first Thanksgiving did not involve turkey but more reasonably venison, we ran out from our year’s supply and hadn’t had a chance to go hunting for more. I can’t help it; I love turkey. After a delicious Thanksgiving lunch, we all headed outdoors for fun. While my dear hubby entertained some with atlatal throwing skills (pictured below), I sneaked away for a tree climb. female-hunters-2

My son wanted to climb, so I went back for his equipment and grabbed an extra rope. Five-year-olds don’t possess much patience, and even with haul lines preset (I keep two lines in the tree for quick and easy access), he didn’t want to wait around for me to haul up his rope and tie the knots. One of our guests woke up from her post-turkey nap and was eager to climb, so it wasn’t a waste of effort after all.

Sue and I enjoyed a wonderful climb in the backyard white oak “Hummer.” Though a small tree, it’s still tons of fun and for Sue, it was her first climb! As a graduate student, her schedule remains very busy, and though we see each other a lot, there’s not always a chance for tree climbing. So there’s nothing like a holiday to seize an opportunity.

What I like about this tree (besides the fact that it is a white oak) is that there are lots of branches, making it a fun and sometimes technically challenging climb. Sitting on the first limb was a big accomplishment for Sue, because she has a fear of heights (although she hid it well)!sue-is-like-a-tree-climbing-model

While the peak of autumn had already passed, there were still colors in some of the trees around us as well as the white oak we were climbing. I enjoyed the beauty and did my best to ignore the trails of ants scurrying up and down the tree (note: ants are my most hated living thing).

In the meantime, while we were climbing, Becky and Dyan tried to take their post-turkey/post-atlatal-throwing nap, but Sean and Ethan were not about to let that happen. Treeboats don’t have to be set up in the canopy of the tree, you see. On the ground, they make for great hammocks. And… everyone else seems to know that. Ha!everyone-wants-a-treeboat  However, Dyan was the only one who managed to hit the deer with the atlatal. Abigail was happy to share in her triumph. abby-stands-with-dyan-and-her-kill

I’m so thankful for all the blessings we have that are easy to take for granted: a house that we own, a little bit of land with some trees to climb, a healthy family, three amazing kids that are unique and wonderful, supportive family, a church home and family, and activities that we all enjoy sharing. I wouldn’t trade a thing!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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