Group Climb at LRNS

June 2 was a hot, muggy typical Georgia day… but it wasn’t just any day – it was a tree climbing day! We set up for an evening climb at 6pm. It was absolutely perfect. The shade of the white oak, Ruby, provided relief from the setting sun, which twinkled through the welcoming canopy. We set up an array of ropes of different color, which added a unique touch to the climb.


This group of kids was attentive and fantastic little climbers. Each child had a different goal and different obstacles to overcome, and every single one was successful.


One parent informed us afterward that her sons had separation anxiety, and while they were a little nervous about climbing, decided to trust the instructors and follow directions. They overcame their fears and burst open with enthusiasm and joy. No longer afraid of being separated from their mom, they were free to thoroughly enjoy bouncing around in the canopy of Ruby. This mom was delighted to see them having fun independently of her, and are already anxious about the next tree climb. I love hearing stories like this! Tree climbing is a great activity for overcoming obstacles and breaking personal barriers. It is awesome!


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