Teenagers love Trees

Let me just say, teenagers in the tree are hilarious. When I first started tree climbing, I was a teenager, and I recruited all of my friends to climb, but when you get a whole group of teenagers in the tree together, boy howdy! You’d think all the squirrels grew and morphed into people.

a-tree-full-of-monkeysI love this group that we climb for their Western Fun Day. The family that hosts it has the biggest heart of anyone I know, and they invite all the orphans to come and have fun. Tree climbing is just one of the attractions at their festival, but at the end of the day, their kids and all their friends come to climb as the foster kids are heading home. What a special opportunity to be a part of something so great.

This year was special because for the name of the tree was revealed: Abe. The story behind this is unique. You see, Abe Winters may be Naomi’s godfather (she was his very first tree climbing student in 1997), but he was the owner of Treeclimbing USA. He first started hosting climbs at Logos Ranch fifteen years ago and watched it grow from a couple of kids to a big festival. He supported their vision and made it possible. After years of Naomi working for Abe, the tables flipped. Now that Abe is retired from his business, now WildRice Adventures hires him to help with climbs, and certainly this one! So as all the volunteers stood around the tree Saturday morning, the cloak was taken off the plaque and Abe’s name was revealed. I will admit, I teared up! What an honor.

abe-and-his-plaque-with-tree-canopyThis is one festival climb I certainly look forward to!


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