Types of Climbs

These are the types of climbs that we currently offer:

Open Climbs

These fun climbs will be held at David Henry Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary from 3:00pm-5:00pm, unless stated otherwise. The date and frequency has not yet been determined. This is a great opportunity to experience recreational tree climbing for a low price without having to invest in all the equipment and training. Sorry, but we do not accept groups for this climb. Please review opportunities for organized group climbs by contacting us via email or phone.

Organized Group Climbs

These exciting climbs are established for private gatherings such as church groups, birthday parties, scouting activities, school field trips and corporate retreats. Our group climbs go hand-in-hand with team building and environmental education, and are suitable for ages 8+ and average physical capabilities.

Festival Climbs

At present, we are facilitating several festivals each year. These are grand times for the hosts of the festivals as well as for the climbers. A festival climb accomodates as many people as possible by minimizing the time in the tree and “on-rope.” On average, for a four hour climb, we will climb between 80-150 kids. This climb, like the open climb, does not require prior registration by individual participants, but does require a brief safety session and a signed agreement with WildRice Adventures as to specifics of the proposed climb.

Wild Climbs and Expeditions

This is for those who like to venture off the beaten path. We will leave established climbing groves and strike off to the unknown backcountry to access wild trees of wild lands (swamps, upland forest and other ecosystems). This will allow climbers excellent opportunities to expand their wilderness experience and give naturalist access to the arboreal canopy for exploration and research.

Zzz’s in the Trees

Come into the treetop canopy for a tranquil night aloft as you lay in a treeboat hammock among hooting owls and rhythmic cicadas. A treetop bivouac camp will be established in a secluded climbing tree for a unique overnight experience.

We can also arrange special climbs such as scouting events, church or school groups, private classes, couples climbs and wilderness expeditions. Contact us for details and setting a date and location.