Classes/Workshops Offered

Tree Climbing


Rope-assisted tree climbing is a unique, exhilarating outdoor adventure. We offer a variety of classes but the most popular is our introduction to tree climbing. We set up all the ropes in advance for this class; all you have to do is register and show up! All equipment and instruction is provided. Ages 8 and up recommended. Check our calendar of events to see availability.

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Backpacking and Camping


We teach family camping (we have four kids of our own, so we have learned many tricks of how to be adaptable for all ages), backpacking and hiking essentials. You have the chance to participate in backpacking adventures to put your learning to the test in the wilderness with certified wilderness survival instructors as a safety net. Also stay tuned for larger expeditions, such as to Guyana, South America!

Shooting Sports


Under development.

Wilderness Survival


Do you desire to go backpacking or camping somewhere rugged and remote, but afraid you don't have the basic training in survival? We will teach you all about how to build a shelter with emergency supplies, start a fire, signal for help, navigation, the seven priorities of survival, etc.

Outdoor Cooking


Learn to cook delicious, nourishing meals outdoors for both backpacking and family camping. You will soon become the person everyone wants to join them on camping trips! In this introductory class you will learn about the versatility of a Dutch oven/cast iron cooking. Recipes will be shared, and everyone will get a chance to prepare and sample a variety of dishes and desserts.

Land Navigation


Learn the basics of GPS and then discover the fun of geocaching. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS–enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Participants will learn to use a GPS as a navigation tool, how to input coordinates and follow those coordinates to a set location and find hidden geocaches.  



Perhaps you are seeking a group to hunt with. We offer guided hunts in the Okefenokee swamp and other locations. We will teach you how to read animal signs, follow a blood trail, field dress the animal and share the camaraderie of hunting together.

We also offer Hunt and Learn weekends, which are tailored for a parent and child to learn hunting basics together.

Fly Fishing


Explore this time-honored and relaxing activity with our patient and kind instructors. This class teaches you the basics and how to enjoy the poetry of fly fishing. You will learn about equipment, casting techniques and what flies to use for your favorite fish. Participants must have a valid Georgia fishing license to participate in this session. 

Hiking and Night Hikes


Come and experience the natural wonder of hiking under the moon and stars. You will be guided through the forest and fields, discover navigation techniques without flashlights, learn about nocturnal wildlife, become acquainted with and identify the mysterious sounds of the night, explore florescent lichen and discover useful plants. You will be surprised what wonders hide under the mask of darkness!

Food Dehydration and Canning


Knowing how to dehydrate food as well as can the abundance of summer's harvest is a vital skill, especially to the outdoorsman. Nothing tastes quite as good as homemade jerky! You will learn how to prepare healthy food for your outdoor excursions.

We also teach kombucha brewing (kombucha is a fermented tea that is beneficial to the digestive system).

Wood Carving


Learn the ancient art of whittling an ordinary piece of wood into a masterpiece. This class will cover types of wood best for carving, wood carving tools and equipment, and carving techniques (including carving in the round and relief). Students will have the opportunity to start a woodcarving project in the round under guidance of an instructor and bring home their masterpiece.

Furbearer Ecology


Managing furbearer populations is important to the environment. We teach basic trapping skills including history and benefits, ethics/responsibilities, equipment, furbearers behavior/ID and how to safely set traps for the specific species you are targeting. Participants can handle pelts and skulls from several North American furbearers.

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