Check out this great video of women climbing at the National Wild Turkey Federation's "Women in the Outdoors" yearly workshop at the FCCLA Camp in Covington, Georgia.

Types of Climbs


Intro Tree Climb

Come by yourself or with a friend or two and experience tree climbing. You only pay a low rate for each climber, everything else is set up for you. We provide the equipment, set up all the ropes, provide insurance, instruction and instructors will teach you to climb. Experience the magic of ascending up to 70 feet into a tree’s canopy!

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Group Climbs


These climbs are best suited for groups of 10-30 that seek a personalized climb with just their group. These are perfect for birthday parties, church groups, scouting groups, summer camps, family reunions, business group outings and like-minded friends who want to share a cool adventure.

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Night Climb

Come at dusk to climb into the tree canopy while it is still light and experience the changing of dusk into night in the tree canopy. You may discover some new creatures and sounds that you never knew existed before!

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Zzz's in the Trees

If you love camping, you will definitely love the experience of climbing into a tree at dusk, watching the forest settle into evening, falling asleep in a cozy treeboat 40-60 feet in the treetop canopy, and waking up to natural sounds and light of the forest. A truly phenomenal outdoor adventure unlike any other!

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Festival Climbs

These all-day climbs are best suited for large events or festivals, such as fall festivals. Typically, 60-200 participants will have the opportunity to climb during the day.

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Wilderness Excursions

This is for those who want to experience a truly rugged, raw experience. We will backpack through the wilderness with our climbing gear, find and select a tree, inspect it for safety, throw some lines into the tree, pull the ropes over and climb. The tree canopy has never been cleaned out, so small branches, briers and other obstacles may be present.

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Jungle Expeditions

The ultimate tree climbing experience is climbing 200 feet into the jungle canopy. This is the ultimate wilderness climb, as you trek through the muddy jungle floor through daily rain showers, battle mosquitoes and poison dart frogs and encounter the most exquisite insect life and wildlife (sloths and howler monkeys are quite common).

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