Intro Climbs

 This is a great opportunity to experience recreational tree climbing for a low price without having to invest in all the equipment and training. Sorry, but we do not accept groups for this climb. Please review opportunities for organized group climbs by contacting us. 

These fun climbs are held at David Henry Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary in Watkinsville, Georgia throughout the year. Check our calendar of events for "Intro Climbs" to see when the next scheduled one is. The address is 1110 Old Greensboro Road, Watkinsville, GA 30677. It's just about 2 miles from downtown Watkinsville, just off Hwy 15, and is a gem of a location!  

We will meet at the Lazarus tree. There will be signs for parking.  When you enter the sanctuary, bear left at the fork. You will see a roped off section in front of a small creek. You can walk on the bridge or across the road toward the tree, from which you will see ropes dangling, awaiting eager climbers.

These climbs are open to the general public, and while preregistration is recommended, you can also show up and climb (if the event is not already full).

We recommend ages 8 and up. If you have a child who is younger, please contact us to determine eligibility. Due to the nature of tree climbing, complex steps and procedures are in place and most children's brains are not developed enough to follow through with the instructions before the age of 8.

Cost is only $30 per climber. Equipment and training is provided, no prior skills are necessary.

We recommend you bring gloves for your hands and wear tennis shoes or boots (no flip-flops).

It's always helpful to be prepared for weather and dress in layers! Tree climbing is a physically demanding sport, so if the weather is cold, you want to have layers that are easy to shed.

Tree Climbing Rules

  1. No intoxicants allowed.
  2. Tree climbing is an on-rope activity and free climbing is prohibited.
  3. Have respect for the tree, for your fellow climbers and staff.
  4. For your own safety, and the safety of others, always follow instruction from the Staff.
  5. Long hair must be pulled back and secured.
  6. Eye glasses must be secured.
  7. Jewelry that may interfere with climbing and personal items must be removed.
  8. Helmets must be worn within the climbing area.
  9. No smoking or chewing gum inside the climbing area.
  10. Ages 8 and up

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