Firearm Training

Shooting Classes and Training

We offer a variety of shooting classes and training. Among those are handgun, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloading, instinctive/point shooting, archery, moving archery targets, and more.

While target shooting is the foundation to learning about shooting, shooting in the interest of hunting is also one of our areas of education. We offer hunt and learns as well as guided hunt workshops.

Shooting Sports Classes

Handgun/Rifle Classes


Learn about gun safety, types of guns and try your hand at target shooting different handguns or rifles. 

We also offer special group classes specialized just for women.



Learn about shooting a shotgun, a valuable skill to fine tune if you are interested in hunting quail or other birds. You will learn about a variety of shotguns, safety and practice shooting at clay disks in the air.

Instinctive/Point Shooting


Use your God-given gift of point shooting. Point shooting, also known as instinctive shooting, is a method of shooting a firearm quickly and accurately that does not rely on the use of the sights. After a firearm safety debriefing and introduction to point shooting, students will start out utilizing BB guns to shoot at various still targets. As students increase their point shooting skills, they will have the opportunity to challenge themselves by shooting at moving targets starting from the size of a 3-inch disk and decreasing to smaller sizes.

Naomi shoots the Smith and Wesson 500, a 50 caliber revolver that is nicknamed the "hand cannon." Check out the recoil on this!

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