Frequently Asked Questions

What is rope-assisted tree climbing?

This is a packed question! Pictures are worth a thousand words, but this unique sport allows to to ascend into the canopy of a tree safely using rope and harness. The knots are all tied by qualified, trained instructors and high quality harnesses and helmets are provided. You are fitted for the correct size harness and instruction is provided. When you descend from the tree, an instructor or tree monitor will belay you. This is an on-rope activity; at no time are you off rope while in the tree. Safety is our first concern. Depending on the type of climb, other activities or challenges may be available while aloft. 

Why would I be interested in tree climbing?

Short answer: It's fun! It's also challenging, as one must face many fears and insecurities while climbing. It takes coordination and some strength, so it is a very rewarding activity. Every tree is unique, and exploring the canopy of a tree is a lofty experience (no pun intended; well, maybe). There's something indescribable about resting on a branch far above the rest of the world, feeling the breeze and the sway of the living tree underneath you, listening to the sounds of the animals around you and leaving the bustle of everyday life. It is a very unique experience and builds confidence in oneself. 

How much do your programs cost?

Each program is unique and costs vary depending on the customization of each program. You can see some costs listed here for take-to-you programs or here for generalized group programs. 

Classes and programs that are advertised to public individuals will be listed in the event registration and on the ad. Our most popular event that is open to the general public, the intro tree climb, is $35 per climber.

What if bad weather occurs on the day of my event?

We will be in contact with you concerning the weather. Most of our programs are still operable in rain or snow (we can discuss the surrounding circumstances), but we will not conduct tree climbing when lightning is present. If an event must be rescheduled due to inclement weather, we will work with you selecting a different date.  In the meantime, please view our cancellation policy.

What do I need to bring to a program? Do I need any special training?

It's always wise to be prepared for the weather (dress in layers).

In preparing for a tree climb, bring some gloves if you have soft hands (we will have some gloves on site, but they are one size and bulky). Wear tennis shoes or boots, avoiding flip-flops, sandals or high heels. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in. 

No training is necessary for most programs unless otherwise indicated; we will provide training and only expect for participants to be able to follow rules respectfully.

Do you offer accommodations to special needs individuals?

Absolutely yes! We desire that all can participate and enjoy the many activities and classes that we offer. One of our soft spots is providing tree climbing rigging to enable wheelchair-bound individuals access into the tree canopy. Please contact us for details and pricing, as special rigging, time and additional staff is required for these types of accommodations (especially for tree climbs).