Festival Climbs

At present, we are facilitating several festivals each year. These are grand times for the hosts of the festivals as well as for the climbers. A Festival Climb accommodates as many people as possible (typically between 70-120 climbers within four to six hours) by minimizing the time in the tree and “on-rope.” This climb, like the Open Climb, does not require prior registration by individual climbers, but does require a brief safety session per climber and a signed agreement by the group or individuals hiring WildRice Adventures as to specifics of the proposed climb. This kind of climb is great for fall festivals, large school events, parades and fun days.
This climb requires a contract to be agreed upon and signed. The cost of a festival climb is $2,000 plus travel expenses if insurance is covered. If insurance is not covered, refer to the contract form. Please review our cancellation policy.

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