Night Climbs

These group climbs are for those seeking to explore more with their climb. Typically running from 6-9pm, climbers can familiarize themselves with the climbing experience, watch the sun illuminate the tree then melt into the horizon and listen as the surrounding environment morphs into the evening. You may discover unique species that appear at night (cicadas, owls, evening doves) or perhaps discover some fluorescent lichen growing on a tree. After this climb, you can return home to rest deeply in the comfort of your bed (or if you prefer camping in the canopy, check out our Zzz's in the Tree's.) 

These group climbs require a contract to be agreed upon and signed and are $400 minimum for up to the first 10 climbers then $45 per additional climber.

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Contact us with your group's information and we will arrange a special night climb for you!

We offer these to the public about once a year, so please check our calendar of events for dates and individual registration.

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Please Download Forms

The group leader will need to fill out the Group Contract form.

Each participant needs to fill out a liability and media release form (even those who are not climbing but will be on the premises).

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Register your group for an awesome night experience!

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