Overnight Climbs

Come into the treetop canopy for a tranquil night aloft as you lay in your tree-boat hammock among hooting owls and chirping cicadas. A treetop bivouac camp will be established in a secluded climbing tree for a unique overnight experience. This is a truly unique experience that words cannot adequately describe. If you are looking for a grand adventure, you will love this! Sleeping under the open sky, surrounded by nature, you will feel as if you are a part of the tree itself (while remaining safely on-rope during the night) and enjoy waking to the rising sun and morning birds.

treeboats set up

We can also arrange special climbs such as birthday parties, scouting events, church or school groups, private classes and wilderness expeditions. Contact us for details and setting a date and location. Current price is $250 per person which generally runs from about 6pm until 10am the following day. Please be sure to review our cancellation policy.

phone pic - two treeboats 2

You only need to bring bedding, toiletries, water, gloves, flashlight or headlamp and any personal needs. While it is wise to be prepared, we strongly recommend bringing a pair of gloves, because your hands will be very sore when you wake up the next morning with one more climb! WildRice Adventures provides the training, treeboats (hammocks specially designed for canopy camping), climbing equipment and helmets.Naa focus with excited Becky ready for bed