Steve M. Scruggs, Executive Director of Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary

It is an outstanding program and one that children truly love.

I personally was not familiar with “Tree Climbing” in this manner but was curious as to what would take place. After witnessing how the WildRice team coached the kids, covered every aspect of safety, I was deeply impressed. What a learning experience and lasting memory for kids and adults as well.

I highly recommend the program and congratulate Naomi and WildRice Adventures on a fantastic job teaching “Tree Climbing” in a safe and exciting way. 

For Kids and Wildlife

Reece and Tina Payton, Logos Ranch

Here at our ranch we host an annual Western Fun Day for the area Group Home Children. This year marked our 15th year serving them as well as their "House Parents." Each year we receive thank you letters from several of our homes. Almost a hundred percent of these letters mention the joy of participating in our Tree Climbing Event! WildRice Adventures does an outstanding job with these children. They and their staff are friendly, professional, and really interact well with the climbers. We are so fortunate that they have a heart and passion for their field and it resonates with the children. We would highly recommend their company to anyone looking for a unique and wonderful challenge for children and adults alike .

Eric Gansauer, CCG Forestry Administrator, ISA Certified Arborist PD-0074AM, ISA TRAQ

I would like to present this recommendation for the services of Wild Rice Adventures (WRA) and the owners Jody and Naomi Rice. For the past six years, WRA has partnered with Trees Columbus, a nonprofit tree advocacy group in Columbus Georgia, for an annual Out on a Limb Kids Climb fundraiser. The city of Columbus has provided access to one of the Broadway median Darlington Oaks in the Uptown area for this event. I have been involved in preparing the tree for this event, as well as involvement in the event itself. WRA has shown to be extremely safety conscious in dealing with children and youth who have never been exposed to tree climbing, as well as adults who may exhibit some uncertainty in their ability to safely climb a tree with a rope and saddle. I would certainly recommend WRA for any recreational or team building events you may be considering.

Respectfully Submitted

Becky Waggener

My experience of Zzz's in the Trees with Wildrice Adventures was simply phenomenal. After a climb to our resting spot high in a large oak tree, I laid down in my treeboat to gaze at the twinkling stars. I could hear the late night creatures call to one another and was simply awed to be able to observe this treetop world that I had never before been privy to. Before too long I was lulled to sleep by the comforting hum of summer cicadas and chirping tree frogs. When I awoke the next morning to the lowing sounds of cows, at first I couldn't figure out where I was. But then I opened my eyes to witness the day's first sunbeams streaming through the canopy. The view was simply breathtaking, but no amount of picture taking could capture the beauty of it all. Whether you've tried rope-assisted tree climbing or not, I highly recommend Zzz's in the Trees; the experience is most definitely worth it! 

Lynee Lawson, participant

Climbing trees was never something I was really drawn to - I especially never thought about climbing a really big one! When a friend from work first told me about Wildrice Adventures, I was surprised that any ordinary person, with the proper guidance and equipment, could actually go up that far. I was a little skeptical but after talking with the staff, I immediately trusted their expertise and judgement. My friend and I set up a climb for one Sunday afternoon. We were at the tree for several hours, learning how to set the ropes, how the equipment works, and of course how to get ourselves up. The thorough explanation of everything and the staff’s oversight from beginning to end really put me at ease and got me excited.  It was an incredible experience! They guided us through special “tricks” as we worked our way up and kept our confidence high.  My friend and I got some great pictures.  It’s hard to describe the moments looking around from such heights and feeling so proud (and still safe!) to accomplish the climb. The staff genuinely loves what they do and after spending just an afternoon with them, you can’t help but catch a little bit of their contagious enthusiasm. I love telling people what I got to do and showing them pictures.

Thanks WildRice adventures for making this possible! Hope I can do it again soon.

Dyan Fausto, Volunteer

When I first signed up to volunteer, my thought was that I would be giving my time and energy for a good cause. However, I discovered that I was the one who received the most benefit. Not only did I render practical help on tree climbing, but I learned and experienced the joy of giving back to the community. With WildRice Adventures partnering with other charity organizations, I was able to enter into their mission and reap the benefits.

One such event that I was able to take part in was a group climb for young people. It was very rewarding to see their happy faces as they ascended to heights they hadn’t been before both in their physical and emotional well being. This wouldn't be possible without the WildRice Adventure staff who are passionate, family friendly and educationally engaging.

Melissa Steele, owner of Little Rose Nature School

As founder of Little Rose Nature School in Watkinsville, GA, I'd like to highly recommend WildRice Adventures. They are masters of their craft, completely dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of their clients experience, and in every way spectacular at what they do. They have a friendly yet commanding presence with kids that makes parents completely confident that their children are paying attention to the rules, learning, AND having a BLAST!

WildRice Adventures very carefully picked a specific tree on our property and very lovingly and respectfully tended to her, naming her, pruning her, and patiently removing the debris trimmed. I personally can feel the love coming from "Ruby" every time I go near her, now. Like any other living being, she is responding to love and attention. The complete and utter joy of the climbers has her beaming.

Here is a recent review from a parent who attended our most recent tree climb with WildRice;

"Ok.... That was the best fun Ever!!! The boys loved it!! Brett asked when is the next field trip?!?! This has made them so secure!! I'll tell u more later but they both have severe separation anxiety due to being me only caring for them. It's a big deal to me seeing them both so comfortable."

I highly recommend WildRice Adventures for fun and education.